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Iso Auto Setting, slowest shutter speed?

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When I select ”Iso Auto Setting” in my X100V and the setting is for example :

  • Default sensitivty 160
  • Max sensivity 1600
  • Min. Shutter Speed 1/125

So, does that mean that X100V will use
a) shutter speeds slower than 1/125 (like 1/60, 1/30...), or
b) faster shutter speeds than 1/125 (like 1/250, 1/500...)?

What is the proper way to get X100V using faster shutter speeds than 1/125 (like 1/250, 1/500...) and adjusting the sensivity (ISO) when I have a fixed aperture?

Thanks for all the advice!
You're the best 😀



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Option b. but the shutter speeds will start at 1/125.

What you are describing is a setup for using mostly automatic rendering by the camera, just one step away from being in “P” mode. For any given scene, the camera will try to expose the image as best it can within the min and max allowed auto parameters you put in. Depending on how bright things are at the time you try to get the image, the other settings may not change at all, or if you go from a bright to a dark setting, the ss and iso may change wildly, all trying to get the best exposure for that given aperture f-stop.

If you wish to ‘force’ the ss and iso to change you need to manually set them as well.

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