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Slow Photo Playback


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I received my X-T2 a few weeks ago and have noticed that playback is slow and can take 10 seconds for the image to show up on the display. I tried putting the camera in boost mode and that didn't show any improvement. My batteries are full and my memory card is empty. I have not yet updated the firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Certainly sounds odd.  But as mentioned above, memory cards can have a large impact on performance.  I use 90mbit/sec cards and have found the performance to be very good.  Zero lag in shooting burst, 4K and playback.


I'd recommend updating the firmware if it is out-of-date.


Also, format the memory cards in the camera, not on a computer.


Let us know if these suggestions help.

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It sounds like a slow memory card. I have a few slow ones I use in my X100T and when I change it for a faster one it makes a huge difference. It really behaves just like you describe with the slower cards. I use them in the X100T because it isn't meant for taking a lot of images quickly so I don't notice it as much.

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