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Which lens should I get!? JK :) How can I loosen/repair a tight aperture ring?


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I recently picked up the 18mm on eBay and I'm finding that the aperture ring is extremely tight.  It feels like maybe it was repaired and the screws were tightened too much.  Wondering if you're aware of any instructional repair videos or if you know how to adjust this.

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I wouldn’t recommend that you try to fix any fuji lens unless you are way capable with these things, in which case you wouldn’t have asked but done this straight away,  fiddling around with it won’t be easy.


You are dealing with a lot of contacts and very small parts, let alone the fact that you may not have the right tools.


I assume that you bought this very cheap because it was damaged or not entirely perfect if this is not the case return the lens, paypal gives you a 180 days guarantee on your money.

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