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Swapping from full-frame

Jack Frost

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I’m looking to trade in my Nikon Z6ii - heavy, restricted and expensive lens choice being the main reasons. Having considered MFT, I would be grateful for first hand advice on the pros and cons of the XT5. I shoot mainly landscape, street and travel and not so much portrait, wildlife or macro.

Many thanks

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You will find many reviews of the X-T5 but if you are interested in my 2 cents worth of an opinion then I love this camera. I think it is very good esp. for the things you shoot more. It can be rather small if you use the smaller lenses like the 27mm, 35f2, 50f2… great for landscapes, street and travel. Very customisable, wonderful controls where you can set up your main parameters by turning physical knobs - simple and fast. Very satisfying to use. I shoot manual all the time, using the histogram. Big choice of very good lenses, big and small, expensive and inexpensive. Weather proof, decent battery life. Fantastic image quality, Fuji colour magic. Some people claim that continuous tracking AF is not as stellar as Sony or Canon esp. for people zig-zaging with closed eyes in the shadow under a baseball cap but I couldn’t care less for that. For birds in flight you would probably be better off with a different camera but otherwise, for the things you do, very very good value for money and a real joy to use. Have a look at the user’s manual to see what it can do. You can also go and look into my photos in my Winter Landscapes topic but then you must give them all a like so reserve some time for that  😀. (Photos are resized by this site so you know... I can send you some full-sized RAWS if you want.) Cheers and let us know how you got on. 

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