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Hi Fellow Photographers, Toronto Canada

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I've been a lon-term hobbiest in the Canon world since 2003. I went from a Canon G2, Rebel XSI and then finally to EOS50d. I wanted to go full frame but really did not see the right Canon camera for me but the Nikon D750 was close. After watching Fuji for the last 2 years I decided to jump for something different. I'm not fond of equipment changes. I'm more a technique kind of guy. I just started reading the forums in December and decided i should say hi.


I like to think of myself as a story teller. So my goal this year is to continue to use my camera to share my stories and experience. Play it forward in the forms.


You can find some of my stuff here:



P.S. Soon as I unlock my yahoo account i will post more photos.

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