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Charging X100T battery from portable power pack

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Newbie query: Can I use the USB lead (for connecting to computer) to charge up X100T's battery from a portable power pack, say, if I'm out and about and need to top up the battery while having lunch ... I have a power pack with a '5V' output and 2 USB points with either '1A' or '2.4A' MAX (output?). I anticipate recharging to be slower than via a charger but don't mind that so long as it doesn't blow the mind of the X100T. (FYI: the power pack happily charges up an iPad Air.)

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You can. But not by using the Fujis original charger. Take a look at patona battery bundle, there's a charger included which supports USB charge. You just need an additional micro usb cable like for a mobile phone, that's it :-).



The X100T can be charged directly from a USB lead, so no need to buy an additional charger.


So OP, yes the power pack can charge the camera, that's what a portable power pack is for.

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