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X 30 clicking and flickering when moved

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I have recently purchased a Fujifilm X30 and am still fairly unfamiliar with it but I seem to be experiencing an odd issue. The camera display seems to flicker from side to side, with this flickering is a clicking sound which you can hear and feel through the camera body. It seems to be associated with moving the Camera, as if the camera is reacting to the motion.


I have no idea what this could be so any help would be much appreciated.


Many thanks, Ben

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I have just bought an X30, I haven't really used it, as I am also getting to grips with an X10.


On the X30, however, I notice the screen and EVF flickers brightly during zooming lens is turned whilst shutter is half-pressed.  There is a noise / vibration, perhaps AF? when the flicker happens.  It doesn't do it whilst holding focus lock, so i suspect the this is a focusing-relating phenomena.


Have you made any progress with this Ben?


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