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Have just become the proud owner of the 100T and have to say what a great manual you get with this camera - hence this post.


With my X-Pro 1 - I had the option to include the 'grid overlay' in the viewer - but can;t seem to find an option in themanual or menu settings.

Am I to assume that this feature has been removed on this camera?


I used this feature for horizon levelling as well as 'framing scenes' - knowing when a shot needed to be captured according to the rule of thirds and when it was best to throw the rule out of the window.


Just - why do Fuji make such great cameras and such pitiful manuals to explain the various menus and features?

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I'm pretty sure its still there somewhere.  I don't use it on mine, but I think I remember seeing it as an option.  There is also the auto-level line that turns green when you get the camera leveled out, either horizontal or vertical that you can display also.  I use that all the time.


I'm away from my camera right now, but there is a "custom display settings" section.  I always get it confused with the custom settings for the C1, C2, etc profiles of all your jpg and iso etc settings, so the name is similar.


In the display section, you can set up the OVF and then the EVF/LCD separately.  I will check when I get home tonight and update if needed.

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Ok, so found it in a version of the manual at least.  That's half the battle!  :P




It's called Framing Guidlines, and you have a couple options as to how many lines you get.


I'm pretty sure the main menu heading isn't called "Screen Settings" but I can't for the life of me remember what it actually is.

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