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X-E2 battery issue

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Hi guys,


I have an issue here with my X-E2 battery, my battery indicator will always at the full bar, when the battery is low, it will just shut down when I turn on the camera, it still can be turned on many time and in a second it will just shut down, after that I take out the battery for charging, after that it back to normal again. Anyone have the same issue with the battery? The battery indicator will always on full bar and just shut down when low battery. One more question how long or how many shoot does your X-E2 battery last normally? Mine is around 3-4 hour shoot for an event, around 100-150 raw photo. Is that normal?

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yes, it is normal. the capacity isnt very large. also if you use a third party battery, they usually last less than the original from fuji. they show that they are fully charged for a long time and then suddenly drop power.. maybe that is your case. if you have the original fuji battery, it is also possible, that the battery went through too many charging cycles and is tired and the capacity is simply too low. to save battery, try to turn off your camera as often as possible so that the rear display or the evf display do not eat battery power. i have one original that came with the camera and two pieces of cheap alternatives. usually its sufficient for one day of casual photographing.

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Owning a couple of batteries is not a luxury that one should be thinking too much about so the solution to this problem is rather simple.


However, and please don’t take this the wrong way, you are saying that you are displeased with shooting for 3-4 hours and yielding 150 pictures as a result.


I understand that nowadays the trend is shooting a lot first and go through thousands of shots to chose from after but there has to be a way to think more and shoot less.


Seriously, when I was very young I was working for a press bureau ( although I was never a real press photographer), and they gave us one roll of +/- 36 shots, we were cutting them to size from large rolls ourselves per event.


An we were expected to bring back the beef.


However, I understand that you may be into weddings.


Those are notorious for asking a lot  from the photographer covering the event, but two batteries should be sufficient and in any event (pun) buy 3...!


Good luck!

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