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xt1 bottom screws for tripod mount

kevin n

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greetings.  i am missing 3 of the 4 tiny screws that keep the tripod mount bracket from moving.  bought the camera used.  


i contacted Fuji service center in NJ and the service agent told me that i need to send the camera in.  the camera is not under warranty and i just want to buy the screws.  service agent told me, "NO, I need to send the camera in..."  long silence as i tried to understand his suffering... is there anywhere else i can buy these screws?  service agent told me to try B&H.  i told him thank you and good bye!


question: what size screws are used to hold the tripod mount.  I googled and found one forum entry that may be a start M1.6 2mm.  what type of head is the screw: wafer head?  http://www.metricscrews.us/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=98_290_291


just reaching out to see if anyone else has gone down this road.  


thanks and happy shooting.

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probably the fastest and cheapest solution, assuming you can find one in your area, is going to a clock repairman.


They usually have all kinds of super small screws, and bringing your camera with you (or as a last ditch effort removing the last screw from your camera and measuring it) they will be able to determine which size and pitch you need, and sell to you the 3 missing screws.


Best luck with this, and I agree: having to send a camera in for a repair like this one is simply ridiculous...

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there is a thread already about people missing screws, you can replace them yourself or order them, I they get unscrewed I don’t know.





Hi guys,



So I followed Milandro advise and fulfilled the Fujifilm HQ contact form. And this morning I had a nice news from the Switzerland team and they manage the repair of the lost screws for free !


So finally a good news, but I have to wait 2 more weeks to get ma camera back.


So don't be afraid to contact Tokyo if you're not happy with your local repair handling :-)



Thank you Milandro :-)



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after some further research and taking a leap of faith i ordered a bag of 50 mini screws in the following size from eBay.  items were shipped from china.  cost of 50 screws $2.90 USD.  shipping was $1.50.  price per screw was $0.09!!!!!!!!


in case other's find themselves in my situation (missing screws AND unhelpful fuji customer service), i hope you find my experience helpful.


thank you and happy shooting.


M1.6 x 2mm Phillips Flat Head Screw Nickel Plated






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Kevin I have the very same problem, missing the tripod mount screws x 3 and one other, I have written to Fuji and no response, I am a tool and die maker by trade so I carefully took one of the other screws out and measured it, and seems it is a M1.6 or M1.7 x 4mm machine screw. I can get them is large quantities. I thought the other model Fuji cameras would use the same size screw, but not sure, can't get the specs, anyway looks like I can buy a broken camera off eBay for $30 might work, 

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