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Improved support for Adobe ACR / LR + sidecar files

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Posted 12 December 2016 - 07:36 PM

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Hi Everyone-


I emailed the sitemaster for Fuji Rumor to request a petition or poll, with the hopes of getting Fuji Corporate to work more closely with Adobe to improve raw file support. Rather than rephrasing, here is the email itself.  I'm curious if other users share the same frustrations and/or what you'd like to see most from Fuji / Adobe for improved raw file handling. 




I'm wondering if FujiRumors could petition Fuji Corporate to work directly with Adobe to improve raw file conversions.  While I enjoyed the baked-in film simulations for jpegs, I miss the freedom of raw control and I'm particularly frustrated with the lack of lens corrections in ACR / LR. They say the corrections are build into the lens firmware - however I've tested converted raw files vs jpegs - they jpegs have distortion and vignetting correction applied, and in ACR there is no automated equivalent. 
Back to the petition, there are four issues that need to be addressed:
  1. Useless Sidecar Files - Fuji, please have the camera-generated sidecar file contain the "as shot" film profile. End goal: When the user opens the file in ACR or LR, it should look identical to the JPEG. (Without having to apply it via additional steps).
  2. Film Profiles - Fuji, please provide the actual profiles to Adobe.  In-Camera Velvia and ACR-Applied Velvia are not the same. This is endlessly disappointing and frustrating.
  3. Lens Profiles - Fuji, please provide profiles to Adobe (like Canon and Nikon have!) so users can easily correct for distortion and vignetting. 
  4. Dynamic Range - Sidecar files should contain adjustments so DR200/400 files were automatically adjusted to match their JPEG brethren. 
If Fuji is serious about pursuing working professionals and more advanced hobbyists - then they need to come to terms with the importance of working with Adobe.  They've created great hardware and film profiles that everyone enjoys, however the concept is completely crippled with the limited support for ACR/LR and limited use of sidecar file data to adjust film, lens and dynamic range profile information.

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#2 Chucktin


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Posted 26 December 2016 - 11:53 AM

And you expect them to do this free $?

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Posted 28 December 2016 - 05:39 PM

As an IT Server Room professional let me add my two cents worth.


You are describing a problem inside Adobe and thinking that Fujifilm should help them; before we ask Fuji let's consider this:


Adobe employs many hundreds of programmers (I don't know the number) - Iridient has ONE GUY who can figure out how to read Fujifilm raw files just fine. What does this tell you :lol: .


Another example, when Adobe rewrote Audition (they bought Cool Edit at some point) to include Dolby 5.1 and go 64 bit they dropped 50% of the important XF features because "that is all you need for Premier" - what would keep them from doing this to their Photo products in the future :angry: .


Sidecar files are a detriment to safe-keeping and transfer of files and in particular digital assets. Every time a file would need to be transferred you would have to Zip/RAR (put in in a wrapper/container) to be sure both parts got there :wacko: .


Adobe really doesn't matter in this equation. They could close tomorrow but at the moment they are the makers of a popular (great) photo editing program, a decent asses management program and a mediocre RAW developer that cannot read the files it purports to be able to work on fully. If they closed we would not need to upgrade our software any more - a pretty good deal if you tell me ;) .


Remember, if Adobe closes everyone could flock to DXO - thay can't figure the xTrans out either :wub: .


...or the Foveon, or the new 2 layers Canon, or the curved Sony or the organic sensors that run on blod .........


To be brief: Adobe is a Huge, Lazy Bureaucracy that pretty much rules out innovation or collaboration :huh: .  But we could start with a meeting about that, at least to set an agenda for a later meeting, the one before the one where we include the managers, so they can go back to their team and see if the Department Heads should be consulted, or legal, or HR .........  oh, the engineers have not signed off? ...............   Please stop me :D


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