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Hi guys,

I'm writing to you guys in a despaired tone


About two months ago, my fuji x100s just stopped working.

I sent it to fuji Brazil technical assistance (Im from Brazil). After about a week, they sent the camera back to me with the following technical opinion:


Apparently there's some kind of trouble on the "motherboard" of the camera.

I'm negatively surprised with this fact, because it's only 3 to 4 years since this model has been released, and fuji just stopped to manufacture repair parts.

I'm really don't know how to proceed. I tried others assistances and nothing could be done. Im also tried to get in touch with another FUJI offices around the world but them just said me to get in touch with the same FUJI Brazil that couldn't help me.

Fuji cameras has a superb image quality, but they probably should manufacture repair parts for 5 years after the release of the cameras.

I Think my only choice is throw the fuji x100s carcass on the bottom of a drawer, hoping to occasionally find someone selling these parts on internet.

With some one could help me with some advice about this, I'll be eternally grateful.

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Definitely I would be dissapointed about this situation!

What are your countries laws about manufacture support for spare parts.

Maybe they may have a second hand x100s to replace your faulty one

Mainboards shouldn't fail unless you have dropped the camera.

Remember nowadays your just buying a computer disguised as a camera


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That is rather strange, I would be leary of buying a new fuji in Brazil again.


If you can't get a third party repair service, maybe get one second hand when the f arrives, prices should drop considerably on second hand s and t's. (maybe to the point of being cheaper than a repair anyways)

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