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3 Weeks in Australia (Photos + Video)


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Hello everybody.


This is my first post on this forum after being a quiet reader for some time.


I am a fairly new Fuji-X Shooter from Germany. Before Fuji i used a Canon 7D for a couple of years and a Sony a7II after that for about one year. I switched to Fuji with the new X-T2 mainly because of lens selection, colors from the x-trans sensor, manual buttons availability and price policy of Fuji.


Recently i spent about 3 weeks on a roadtrip in Australia with my girlfriend. The first vacation where i put the X-T2 to real use.

Besides taking a lot of photos, i really wanted to test out the video capabilities. So i shot a lot of 4K footage.



You can find some of the photos on my 500px page



and i published my video on Vimeo



I still have to get to know this camera more, but so far i am very impressed and happy with switching to Fuji.



Let me know what you think and feel free to ask any questions if you have some.




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Great stuff, I really enjoyed watching the video and looking at the 500px. A few questions if you don't mind?

1) what lenses did you use?

2) did you do much editing to the video beyond combining segments?

3) how did you execute the panning? Any special gear beyond a tripod?

4) did you shoot in 4K, 1080p etc?

5) do you notice any stuttering or distortion when viewed locally? I was streaming on to an Apple TV (looks great on the big screen!) and noticed a few flickers etc but thought it was probably wifi vs camera?


Sorry to ask so many questions but the idea of shooting a bit of video really fascinates me and would be one of the main reasons to upgrade my XT1.

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Glad you like it.



I used the XF 16mm 1.4, the 18-55 2.8-4 and the 55-200 3.5-4.8



I guess you mean to ask if i did a lot of color-grading. There wasn't much grading. It shot with Astia Soft Simulation mode, so colours were already pretty vibrant. I did some minor white balance correction and some lifting of the shadows but not a lot. Besides that i did a lot of post stabilizing on the shots without panning. In most locations i did not have that much time so i shot a lot of it handheld. I stabilized most of those shots in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.



I used a Manfrotto MVH502AH fluid head for those. Again, because i did not have that much time to always set this up, there are only a few panning shots. In addition tripod legs (Sirui N-2204X) are not really ideal for such a big head and video use.



I shot everything in 4K except the second ocean shot, which i did in 50fps 1080p to get slowmotion. I knew i had to do post stabilization and wanted to have the possibility to crop the image in post.



I did not notice any stuttering. I watched the video on my tv from a USB-Stick and it ran flawlessly. I hope what you experienced was because of streaming quality.

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