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Portraiture work, running topic

Tom H.

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Apparently it's the weekend of headshots. :lol:


My wife needed a headshot for her student card at teacher's college (don't ask me why they didn't take it themselves, I've never seen it done this way before). It's supposed to be pretty plain, so I just did one light.

20952155143_af78dec0db_c.jpgDawnHeadshot by Phil Babbey, on Flickr
And here's a candid one.
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Hi Guys,


attachted two portraits both taken with X-T1 and the XF 90mm. The first picture (shot at f2 at 1/750 sec.) is available light only ("golden hour sunset"), the second picture (shot at f8 at 1/180 sec.) was lit with a strobe and a 50cm Beauty Dish.

From my point of view the results one can get from the XF 90mm are supreme. I also own the XF 56mm but most of the time I favor the compression the XF 90mm gets me. Though you have to take into consideration that you need significant more distance to you subject what can be an issue if you are in a tight place or if you are aiming for a more intimate look. In terms of postproduction: Both pictures are RAWs converted with Capture One and retouched (picture1 only color graded) in Photoshop. (SOOC Jpegs, for this kind of work? Not on my page!)






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Fujifilm X-E1 

Fujinon 35/1.4

Fujinon 56/1.2




21692362550_46669acd3b_b.jpg0001 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21692342510_1630cfd41d_b.jpg0002 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21259255703_3d32b93697_b.jpg0004 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21692378608_23e04f070d_b.jpg0010 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21693312189_514ca81f0c_b.jpg0012 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21693665849_d56f67e6cd_b.jpg0011 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21257411344_73144b5a6f_b.jpg0014 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr

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I did a job today shooting portraits for a local financial group. There's some staged stuff indoors that looks like stock photography :lol: but for the nicer portraits I shot them outside - it was too cramped in the building and I couldn't find a nice background. It was beautifully overcast today, so I didn't have to light them.


All shot with the 35mm. The outdoor stuff is I believe f/4 for the group and 2.8 for the rest.


21818095728_1b38b8cac7_c.jpgDSCF0042 by Phil Babbey, on Flickr


21979738466_d561e645d6_c.jpgDSCF0107 by Phil Babbey, on Flickr


21384784463_207eaa8949_c.jpgDSCF0148 by Phil Babbey, on Flickr


And this is what the indoor stuff was like. Not sure if this counts as portraiture or not. :lol:


21818082648_d0ff19713d_c.jpgDSCF0195 by Phil Babbey, on Flickr

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Fujifilm X-E1

Fujinon 56/1.2

Fujinon 35/1.4


21969865166_717a772372_b.jpgDSCF9055 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21807852470_7dd6cd107e_b.jpgDSCF9056 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21807831200_4e45823e14_b.jpgDSCF9059 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21808074358_095bdb9211_b.jpgDSCF9086 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


21995907125_f1540e1e43_b.jpgDSCF9100 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr


22005441051_9800474b07_b.jpgDSCF9130 by Kirill Sokolov, on Flickr

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    • Thank you for checking, I have just observed the same behavior with the 35mm f/2 - X-S10 with v2.10 chooses 1/100s. I guess I will use the specific minimum shutter speed or simply force myself to use the M mode more. 
    • Can I ask, what type of audio are you looking to capture?
    • Hi All, This is my first post. Hope this hasn't been covered before. I have something I'm trying to figure out on my x100v. I typically have my camera in natural live view with "Preview Exposure" off because I don't like seeing my exposure settings reflected in the image in the EVF. However, it seems that, in this setup, the live histogram no longer adjusts based on my exposure settings... Is there any way to get the histogram to show results based on what the resulting image will be without having the EVF brighten/darken based on exposure settings? With "preview exposure" on, I find it hard to compose-- especially in certain situations when trying to protect the HL's. Thanks very much! Collin
    • Hi all,Second post here would appreciate the input. I just purchased an X-T3 and X-H1.The EVFs on paper are meant to be the same with same refresh rates when in boost mode.The sizes are also meant to be almost exactly the same at 0.50 inches X-T3 and 0.48 inches X-H1 with the same resolution.However the X-H1 EVF feels smaller (bigger black border around the edges) and not as clear. It also gives me eye strain after just a few minutes. (I have adjusted diopter). It feels like its further away if that makes sense?Has anyone else noticed a difference between the EVFs when using them side by side because on paper they are meant to be the same. Perhaps its just this particular X-H1.Thanks,
    • I must have activated the wrong setting because now when I switch to the OVF the white windows stays for a second and then completely disappears. Any idea how to get it back? Thank you all so much. 🙂
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