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Adam Woodhouse

Any adapt a FishEye to the Fuji?

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I have a Canon and a Nikon lens adapter and thought of getting a used Fisheye from one of those systems.  Can use it the odd time during the wedding dances I shoot regularly.


I see there is a low cost option that is a Fuji mount already.  The Opteka 6.5mm.  Anyone have experience with that lens?  Price for new on Amazon is great.  Would be shooting it at F4 usually, so a slightly slower lens than the others that are F2.8 is a non-issue (and a bit of a cost savings).



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Opteka is only the name of a company reselling Samyang lenses.


The Opteka that you are probably talking about is the same lens that appeared  some time ago under several brands (Samyang, Rokinon, Opteka) with a declared focal length different for each brand.





However they make a 8mm 2,8 version for Fuji and it is one of the best lenses out there, capable to rival with anything made for other formats and adapted to Fuji.


I am extremely happy with mine, and we talk about it here rather often.





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