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AF-L problem (X-E2S+18-55mm)

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Posted 15 October 2016 - 12:47 PM

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so i have this troubling occurence oftentimes when the focus with the AF-L button has been locked, the hand-held taken image isnt sharp. anyone else had this problem or has an insight as what exactly may have gone wrong? doesnt happen using shutter button. firmvare version 1.02 from june 2016 both body and the kit zoom 18-55mm. maybe OIS gets suppressed somewhat when in AF-L state or or the dynamic range extender via higher ISO usage goes haywire (i mostly use DR200 mode ISO400+) or my handshake is too brutal? thanks for an eventual input.

(jpeg from camera example is attached, see building in lower left corner for example - resized to 1MB as per this board's requirements)


software: digital camera X-E2S v1.02

exif version: 02.30

aperture priority

auto exposure

metering mode: pattern

sharpness: hard

wb: manual

iso: 400

exposure: 1/480s

shutter speed: 1/505s


FL 31.5mm

focal plane width: 2092ppcm


edit: a 1:1 crop from the image attached additionally, because im not sure if the full size would be available for download.


edit2: i should have added that a second image was taken under the one focus lock with a bit more sky than ground and it suffers the exactly same effect. so it seemd like "the blur had been saved" using the AF-L button in single focus point mode. i unfortunatelly havent checked the focus distance on the display scale after locking, because i fully trusted it would lock precisely. the light was there and there was no apparent reason for the camera to wrongly focus. the two pictures looked fine on camera screen, so i didnt bother until i opened it in the computer. of course this means that after every AF-L i have to view the image to make sure it doesnt suffer from ill effects. and since viewing a picture clears the last AF-L im looking at a pretty awkward shooting experience here..

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