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Transfer X-T5 for PC wi fi...

Grzegorz J

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Hi - I bought x-T5, unfortunately I don't know how to set it up
connections via Wi-Fi to PC (without Bluetooth) there are videos on the Internet
unfortunately unreadable, I would like to send files to my PC wirelessly.

Big request - please explain to me how to do it, or I can record a video.

In the old x-t2 it was simple, there was an automatic button in the camera menu
save to PC,,,, it's gone now
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Go to the Networking Setting in your camera menu (the last one at the bottom - unless you have a My Menu then that is the last one).
There, go to Network Setting and choose the SSID (name) of your WiFi network, type in the password, choose "SET".
If you have a functioning DHCP server on your network, the camera should get its IP address (and Subnet_Mask and Gateway).
If not, you can enter these manually. It is a little tricky, there will be some zeros already here, move the cursor after the zero and use DEL to delete it and make space in the input fields for your own correct values. If you do not know what to enter, have a look at values in the network settings of your computer and use the same except for the IP address, try some fairly higher number, hopefully you hit an unused one. Usually the values would be something like IP:, Subnet Mask:, Gateway IP:  or something like that, take clues from your computer. The camera and computer must be on the same network.

Then in Connection Mode on the camera, choose Wireless Tethering Fixed. And half-press the shutter to exit the menu and get in shooting mode. The red LED should be blinking. If you can look at your network devices, e.g. on your router, you should see the camera there. You can see check the camera settings in the camera menu in the INFORMATION item of the Network Setting menu to see the MAC address of your camera and look for it in the list of devices on your network. 

Then use the tethering in your software, e.g. in Capture One. The camera may not show immediately, take a shot and then it should show in the list of available cameras. Good luck. Report back how did you fare. 

PS If you have a Windows machine, you need to have Bonjour installed and running. Macs have it.

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