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New XT10 x Used XT1


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Hi there, i would like some opinions about fuji reliability/durability and real user experience.

I'm a brazilian portrait/fashion/editorial photographer and i'm thinking about mirrorless because the weight and portability. I don't need the WR of the XT1.


The options are:


• Used Fuji XT1 (the seller is the 2nd owner and don't know how much clicks [professional use with weddings] ) + grip + 3 batteries (1124 US)

• New Fuji XT10 with 1 year warranty (1124 US)

• Used Xpro1 7k clicks (725 US)


The Fuji Jpgs are beautiful and the lenses are somewhat affordable and have high quality. The cameras are beautiful too (the xpro is gorgeous).


My questions are:

• It's dangerous buy used fuji cameras? What about the shutter and price of hardware repair?

• Better a xt10 new or a xt1 used? The body quality of the xt1 are really more sturdier?Or it's better the used xpro1 and buy more lenses?

• The 16mp APSC would work fine in the fashion industry and with large prints? (I did a lot of research about pro photographers using fuji, but most of them are endorsed)


Thank you very much!
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I went the used/demo X-T1 route.  This is my first Fuji X camera.  But I have been doing research about it for 6 months.  I will receive my first Fuji lens (60mm for both macro and portraits) tomorrow.  (Actually, my first WORKING Fuji lens.  Shoot, did I just jinx this one too?)


The main reasons I chose the X-T1 over the X-T10:


View finder size.  It is much larger.  This is a big difference.

Vertical grip option.  I'm a vertical grip shooter.  The comfort is worth the weight for me.  Also the extra battery is important for long sessions or event photography.

The body of the X-T1 is a little more solid.


All of these made it a no brainer for me.  I WANT the X-T2, but that is outside of my price range at this time, until I decide to get back into professional work.  Then the X-T1 will be a great backup/second lens body.


I buy used when I can.  I had my first problem with the XC50-230 lens.  The OIS guts are broken.  But I'm returning and getting a refund.  I'm out shipping back.  Compared to all the money I have saved with used lenses, I'm way ahead.  I've purchased a Nikon D5100, D7000 used.  Both still work great, although I have had to epoxy my D7000 back together after a bad fall.  (It and the 80-200 AF-D f/2.8 tank still work great.)

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Any listed options have a lens?

Otherwise, all 3 looks too much expensive


I agree.  I should have posted that my X-T1 was a demo model for just over $600.  You should be able to get a grip for $125.  Wasabi batteries for $23 for 2.  I've seen tons of eBay X-T1 in good condition for under $700.   Or with an 18-55 for a decent price.


The first package would be a good deal if a lens was also included.  I won't shoot Fuji or Nikon batteries, because they are not worth 4x the cost of Wasabi.  So they don't have a value for me.  

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Any listed options have a lens?

Otherwise, all 3 looks too much expensive


No lens option, i'll buy a 27mm (200 US used) The price in brazil is expensive, XT1 is 3K US new.

? - I picked up the XPRO1 with two lens for 500 UK Pounds last xmas. (new )

Its a brill camera


got the x2es + 18 - 55 for less than you are quoting for the xt10 


seems your prices are a little high


best of luck


Brazil prices are expensive :/. 

I expect to find better prices! Thank you, Thompson!

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Location wise this is now a no brainer


bright shiny XT10 bundled with the 18 - 55 XF or 16 - 50 XC and then save up for 100 - 400 lens


trouble getting a second hand fixed - ha - and camera second hand gear is over priced on the belief people look after the gear!

there is always a reason for sale! - and with fuji it is not quality



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