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RF603cII + YN560III won't trigger help *neverending story*


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Hi guys, I need your help.


My recently bought RF603cII on xpro1 won't trigger my YN560III off camera. This looks like a neverending story to me, because a lot of people seem to be having issues with the trigger on their XP1s.



  • flash on the camera hot shoe fires no problem, test fire off camera no problem.
  • I have my YN and RF trigger on the same channel
  • flash is in RX mode
  • setting the trigger to RX mode and pressing the trigger test button the flash fires, pressing the shutter button on my XP1 does nothing
  • setting the trigger to TRX (presumably the correct mode), the test button on the trigger nor the shutter does not fire the flash
  • on the flash - a blue led is lit, meaning the YN and RF trigger are connected
  • when I try to fire the flash normally with the shutter button(or the test trigger button), the blue light flashes as if it were firing
  • on the RF only the right green LED is lit
  • it's exactly this one >> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yongnuo-YN-560-III-Flash-With-RF-603-II-Single-Transceiver-Trigger-for-Canon-SLR-/121783769294
  • removing the spring plate on the hotshoe didn't work
  • using LCD/EVF/OVF doesn't make a difference


any ideas are really welcomed and appreciated!

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I think these are Canon triggers - so they should work.  And yes, TRX mode is the right setting.


You need to make sure you are not in silent mode.


My triggers work with my X-E2 - not tried with an X-Pro 1


the camera is not in silent mode, I got confirmation it works on X-T1 as well, but just can't figure out why my xp1 won't cooperate... unfortunately I do not have access to any other XP1s to try it out

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I use the Yongnou 560 with my XT1 and XT2 via their on-camera trigger system.  Mine are Nikon pins.  I have no experience with the XPro 1.  But I read somewhere that the Canon pin layout being different than the Nikon ... it can cause a problem.  I can't recall if it was pin location and not touching the connectors properly, or a voltage difference that may cause a problem.  I wonder if you got your hands on a Nikon Yongnou if you'd have the same problem?  Or ... get someone with the Nikon version and XPro 1 to give their experiences.

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Hello, I am a new user. Based in Northumberland, UK

I am having similar problems.

On X-E2 Yongnuo RF-603c triggers work with generic flash (Jessops 360 afdc) however when I switch to X-T1 nothing!!!!

I have settings on commander and not on silent mode. Using the remotes as a shutter release no problems, its only when I attach the flash nothing happens.

any assistance would be gratefully received.

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