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 Please help 😢

My xpro3 was always flawless, until today. 
My camera does’t function anymore. It shows only the amount of pictures and battery level al the rear display. Neither button works anymore, as the screens and viewfinder. Camera looks frozen. 

I noticed that when I turn it on for the first time after installing a battery, it powers the lens for a second. After that it doesn’t happen anymore, untill I install the battery again or lens again.

Tried a different lens, cleaning the contactpoints, different battery, different SD, uncharging it for 3 days, tried to connect it to a computer, charged it for a whole day…..no sign of life :(

What is remarkable, is that it drains the battery, also when the camera is shut off again. The last thing I did whit it was (as I remember correctly) transferring pictures to the X-app using Bluetooth. Can it be stuck in the transfer mode?

What to do? Is there a way I can reset the camera without a button?

Please help

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It may be possible to reset the camera, pull the main battery out and put the camera on the shelf for about a week or so. Doing that normally would cause the settings to all go back to the defaults from the last firmware update, removing any settings you have stored in the camera.

But it sounds like you will need to take the camera to the repair shop.

p.s. Welcome to the forum and hopefully your camera is fixable.

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It usually takes about a week or a few days longer. After taking the battery out, turning the power switch to ‘On’ has been mentioned as helping speed things up, I do not know one way or another about that, but I should mention it.

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