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Just downloaded the app and tried to use my phone as the remote viewer. Has Fuji fixed the app to enable landscape mode?


Incredibly poor UX forcing pinch and zoom upon users. Using an S7 Edge and in portrait mode the screen isn't much bigger than my camera's back LCD.


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    • By Ron Cohen
      I have "Auto-Transfer" turned on in Cam Remote, but I’m able to import jpegs from my X-T4 to my iPhone 11 only on a batch basis, and only after a long and tortuous process for each batch. After each transfer, I have to turn the camera off, and then on again if I want to take more pictures. Ideally, I’d like the jpegs to transfer in the background while I shoot. Is that possible, or is it too much to expect?
    • By AlfieB
      I recently traded up my XPro2 for the XPro3 but have not been able to transfer images to my iphone. I saw Fuji's release a few months ago that the Camera Remote app is not connecting to the latest iphone update. My question is this: Is this problem still happening for all of you? How do I know if the problem is with my new XPro3 or the app? I've installed and deleted a few times and I got image transfer to connect 1 time only, never again. The remote release works, so it does connect. A call to Fuji service was useless. The agent did know about the problem even though it's right here on their site. https://www.fujifilm.com/news/n191011.html  He suggested I await a firmware update but time is running out to return this camera. Thank you for any help! 
    • By Aakarsh
      Hello all,
      I am unable to connect my X100F to my Android phone. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times. I reset the connection settings on camera. Still I am unable to connect.  Can anyone help please. 

    • By Raimo Launonen
      The new 17.12.2019 firmware did not fix this bug.
      Camera set to Manual focus and focused using back button focus (instant focus) or focus ring around the lens e.g. to 0,1m or to be sure it is in infinity.
      Put camera on tripod and start smartphone app Camera Remote to shoot. With the Remote Release button the shots are in the focus set before manually. But in  this mode I cannot change anything remotely only release.
      But if I start from the app the Live view shooting -mode then the prefocus is not correct but it is always in 2 meters! And now I am not able to focus from smartphone because the camera still is in manual focus mode.
      My camera is XF1 but perhaps same source code is used in other Fuji models and this bug is not only XF10 issue.
      My phone is Android Samsung S7
    • By Adam Bartas
      It might sound complex, but it really is not: I download JPEGs from the camera (X100F) to my iPhone using the Fujifilm Camera Remote app, in full resolution and sRGB. When I post the given photo on Facebook, theres a clear color shift towards red (especially in the lighter tones), which quite frankly ruins the skintones, etc. If I copy the very same photo from the iPhone to my PC (for example via e-mail) and post it from there, the colors are correct, as is the jpeg file itself. Does anyone have a similar experience or an idea what could cause this? Since theres no iOS trickery involved (I make sure I am comparing the very same file on both PC and iPhone) and its in sRGB profile already, I dont understand where the color shift is coming from and quite frankly its making it impossible for me to post photos from my phone. Strangely, it it doesnt seem to affect snaps I have taken with iPhone to begin with, only the X100F photos I transfer from the camera. Comparison bellow....

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    • Hi, I'm So Frutrated by this no tethering mode avalable on X-S10.   PLEASE Fuji: make an update for this.  
    • Hi,i am looking for some useful video editing software, i hear about the TunesKit Acemovi and Adobe Premier is good,but i am not sure which one is suitable for me,i just need to do something simple like crop,trim,add text,audio,transition,animation.Can you give me some adivice? Here is a vision of a large selection of video editing softwares https://www.xp-pen.com/forum-1595.html Don’t forget that most of the time you can try them free for a while    
    • Fan of X-Trans since P&S days Is RGB or RGGB better mosaics than Fujifilm's GBGGRGRB? How many bits of dynamic range and how few fractions of arc-seconds of resolution are needed for the more common pixel mosaics versus the more complicated X-Trans? Moire decreases with pixel size but photopic luminance for color channels and spacial frequency still matters. Debate, now, for your favorite mosaic!
    • Did you say iPhone? Their external mics usually have 4-conductor cables, which aren't directly compatible with anything else. Try an adapter with 3 conductors.
    • Welcome to  our forum! But I don't see an attached photo.
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