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X100V Exposure compensation and EVF problems?

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Hi, I’ve had the x100V since release and relative familiar with the camera. However I stumbled upon two problems which I dearly hope is caused by my own ignorance (usually the case) than a technical camera issue.

When I shoot in bright snow and use the exposure compensation wheel, it doesn’t seem to work properly:

If turning down to -3EC, the image is exposed identically to 0EC. +3EC on the other hand shows a brighter image. If ND-filter is activated or I just shoot indoor or in normally lit conditions it seems to function properly again.

I shoot in aperture priority.

Anybody know what I am missing?

Upon viewing same images in the EVF, the EVF screen blinks/flickers rapidly, especially the bright areas such as snow. I’ve checked my settings and the “LIVE HIGHLIGHT ALERT” is not selected. The blinking seems to happen occasionally and is not constant however.


Thanks to everyone who has any ideas with these issues?:)







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