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X-H2 tethering problem.

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I am running an X-H2 on "Tether Shooting Auto' with a USB C cable direct to my MacbookPro M3. On the MAC I am running 'X Aquire' to store the images directly into a specified folder and that works fine. I am also running Lightroom set to Auto-import from that folder. The first image is saved to the folder and automatically opens Lightroom which imports the image from the folder. However, any subsequent images are saved to the same folder but each image then tries to open a separate instance of Lightroom resulting in multiple Lightroom windows and the error message 'Lightroom is already open do I want to start a new library?' My understanding is that as the images in the watched folder are saved they should open in the same folder in Lightroom not open a new instance each time. Does anyone have any idea why I am seeing this behaviour?

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I am not a Lightroom user, but there are a couple of places things can go weird and cause troubles.

Like other operating systems, macOS has default actions that can be set for various situations. Try opening the Image Capture and go through its options, there is one that you can set as a default action when connecting a camera to the computer. Set this to “None”. (The background os may be trying to ‘help’ with importing and does not realize you are already set up for that).

As I recall, Lightroom has a preferences section that handles the Auto Import actions. Try resetting each of these completely, even making new watch folders to see if this clears things up.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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