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X-H2 as Webcam issue. Frame loss - jerky stream.

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Hi everyone! I recently tried using the X-H2 as a webcam, but the results were disappointing. In any mode, with any cables and operating systems, the camera loses frames. This results in jerky images. If you record a video from the X-H2 (as webcam) and watch it frame by frame in the editor, you will clearly notice the appearance of 2-3 identical frames in a row. Lost frames appear randomly, without any periodic pattern. Everything can work smoothly for 10 seconds, then jerks start again. FW version 3.10 (last), I tried to completely reset the settings - it didn't help. Everything is smooth on the HDMI output, and everything is smooth when recording to the card. Thanks for the help!

Sample video

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Not really an answer, but I personally would not bother wasting an H2 to use as a webcam. I have an INSTA360 LINK, which is absolutely brilliant. I know it's an extra expense, but I can recommend it. I use it all the time with Zoom and FinalCut Pro recordings.

Meanwhile back to your situation - what spec computer are you using? Can you set the camera to the lowest resolution and bit-rate? I suspect that the problem would be at the computer end of the equation where it may have problems processing the feed.

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