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GFX video

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I couldn't help noticing that there is a movie icon in the GFX menu... you can see it here:




No mention of video capabilities in the announcement, however. I realise this might not be a priority for a lot of potential users, but shooting motion with those lenses and that size sensor does have interesting possibilities.


Anyone in Koln able to look through the menu and glean any more information?



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Just watched the Digital Rev hands on where they say DSLR video is over, Medium Format video is the thing... but I would be disappointed if we weren't seeing XT2 video features on the GFX... maybe heat issues will prevent 4k...?


Also just found this report at Imaging Resource which mentions video "up to 1080p"...




So it looks like X-Pro2 video quality rather than XT2...

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I really wonder how fast they can read that shutter.  A sensor that size (both physical size and pixel count) is going to take a while to read out.  If this is a great deal slower than the APS-C sensor in the X-T2, your rolling shutter is going to be much worse.

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