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Concert Photography (open thread)


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Los Almiros Festival @ Greece


36383031025_1cf9d6e9c1_b.jpg_DSF2864 by miltos, on Flickr


36299333642_2d616a74c1_b.jpg_DSF5275 LAF 2017 co by miltos, on Flickr


36421808676_8d51afa9a5_b.jpg_DSF2408 LAF 2017 co by miltos, on Flickr


36007929780_0f9fcc0865_b.jpg_DSF5208 by miltos, on Flickr


36238306992_0288974249_b.jpg_DSF2955 by miltos, on Flickr


35547094064_05710c7bc9_b.jpg_DSF2658 by miltos, on Flickr


36246324031_5e88fa98a9_b.jpg_DSF2241 by miltos, on Flickr


36358133515_5089251a15_b.jpg_DSF2187 by miltos, on Flickr


35597494153_2b5572de6d_b.jpg_IMG9987LAF 2017 by miltos, on Flickr


36236545782_0c38909ab6_b.jpg_IMG9989 LAF by miltos, on Flickr

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    • Thank you for checking, I have just observed the same behavior with the 35mm f/2 - X-S10 with v2.10 chooses 1/100s. I guess I will use the specific minimum shutter speed or simply force myself to use the M mode more. 
    • Can I ask, what type of audio are you looking to capture?
    • Hi All, This is my first post. Hope this hasn't been covered before. I have something I'm trying to figure out on my x100v. I typically have my camera in natural live view with "Preview Exposure" off because I don't like seeing my exposure settings reflected in the image in the EVF. However, it seems that, in this setup, the live histogram no longer adjusts based on my exposure settings... Is there any way to get the histogram to show results based on what the resulting image will be without having the EVF brighten/darken based on exposure settings? With "preview exposure" on, I find it hard to compose-- especially in certain situations when trying to protect the HL's. Thanks very much! Collin
    • Hi all,Second post here would appreciate the input. I just purchased an X-T3 and X-H1.The EVFs on paper are meant to be the same with same refresh rates when in boost mode.The sizes are also meant to be almost exactly the same at 0.50 inches X-T3 and 0.48 inches X-H1 with the same resolution.However the X-H1 EVF feels smaller (bigger black border around the edges) and not as clear. It also gives me eye strain after just a few minutes. (I have adjusted diopter). It feels like its further away if that makes sense?Has anyone else noticed a difference between the EVFs when using them side by side because on paper they are meant to be the same. Perhaps its just this particular X-H1.Thanks,
    • I must have activated the wrong setting because now when I switch to the OVF the white windows stays for a second and then completely disappears. Any idea how to get it back? Thank you all so much. 🙂
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