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X-S10 viewfinder stabilization in “Shooting only” mode

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I have an X-S10 camera and several lens, some with OIS such as the XF 150-600mm.
Regardless of the lens, when I choose IS Mode “Shooting only”, I never get a stabilized image in viewfinder, even if keep the shutter button half-pressed (but resulting photos do seem correctly stabilized). If I choose IS Mode “Continuous”, I do get a stabilized image in the viewfinder.
This behavior does not match what is explained in the fujifilm manuals or online guides such as https://fujifilm-x.com/en-gb/learning-centre/image-stabilization-explained
On the CONTINUOUS option, the OIS system is always active when the camera is on, whereas SHOOTING ONLY switches the system on when the shutter release is pressed halfway to focus. To maximise battery life, choose SHOOTING ONLY. This function also works for IBIS.
Can anyone confirm me if this is an issue?
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Just found the explanation: when using “shooting only” modem, stabilization  is only activated when shutter button is half pressed when in AF-C mode. In AF-S mode, stabilization is activated only when button is full pressed.

This is actually described in the manual:

“ (…) image stabilization is performed only when the shutter button is pressed halfway (focus mode C only) or the shutter is released.”

Other fujifilm online guides do not mention this nuance.




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