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Is $332 a reasonable price to get a dead pixel fixed?(X100V)

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Hi. I recently noticed a yellow dead pixel close to the middle of the LCD screen of my X100V (which is in otherwise excellent condition). It was frustrating because I first thought it was a piece of dust on my lens. The dead pixel didn't go away even after pixel mapping the camera in the settings multiple times. Unfortunately, I was just over a month outside the one-year warranty, so I sent it in to a Fuji repair location to get a repair estimate, because I wanted to get this fixed so I wouldn't mistake the dead pixel for a piece of dust on the lens or think something was messing up my photos in the future. They recently got back to me with the estimate which was $332, plus $23 shipping, and $24.07 taxes; so $379.07 in total to get the dead pixel fixed. Is this a reasonable repair cost? Would you guys pay that much? Also if anyone knows, what would be the approximate resale value of the camera with and without the dead pixel fixed? Not that I'm interested in ever selling my precious X100V, I'm just curious lol. Thank you for any help :)

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