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Fuji-X Sport: Gaelic Football and Hurling

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#1 GilBarib


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Posted 04 September 2016 - 04:59 PM

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Hi !


While looking for something sporty to shoot yesterday morning, I found out  that we had here in Québec City a Gaelic Football Team and that they were hosting the Eastern Canada 2016 Tournament.

Nice I though, but may all the Irish readers of this post please forgive my total ignorance, but before yesterday I had never heard of the sport, in fact I had to look it up on Wikipedia to figure it out !


The Canadian league is still quite small and the sport not so well known here, really nothing compare to the popularity it has in Ireland. So no big crowds and some

very nice access for the photographers, I ended up spending the whole day there.


They also had a demonstration match of hurling too, now that's a super rapid sport, this little ball really does flies fast and far, quite hard to keep up with it at first.


Oh yeah, the technical details:

X-T1 + XF50-140 +XF1.4TC, 

Drive on CH (8 fps),


Focus on Zone (3x3 grid),

RAW, LR6.6.1 + NIK


The Flickr Album (39 pics at the moment):


Thanks for looking  :)



First the Gaelic Football...








And the Hurling....






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#2 binklewis



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Posted 05 September 2016 - 10:07 PM

Great shots!  Can't wait to get out during the daytime and shoot some action with the 50-140 + 1.4 TC (just got them last week :-))  Hoping for an airshow and maybe some auto racing in the near future :-) 

#3 GilBarib


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Posted 06 September 2016 - 02:27 PM

Thanks Bob !  


Yes it's a great lens, even with the 1.4TC, Fujiflim's best (and only?) lens for sports ! If everything goes as planned I should be shooting some pro-cycling next Friday with it paired to a X-T2  :D

Some people are getting very good result with the XF100-400 too, I'll wait to see how the T2 handles higher ISO before making a decision about it though, where I live I'm stuck with the low Winter light half of the year !

I'd rather go with a 200mm or 300mm at  f/2.8.....please Fuji San.


Keep up the good work on your blog,




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