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Lens for indoors beside XF 33/1.4 WR


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I´m new with X-T5 coming from Olympus, got a good deal with the camera and XF 33/1.4WR. 33mm is a bit tight indoors with family, kids & friends. What would you recommend for this (WR not needed)? I´ll buy used, maybe 500€ at most (cheaper preferably):

Viltrox 23/1.4

XF 18/2


Viltrox 13/1.4 (might be too big)


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Edited, sorry I did not pay correct attention to your posts wording.

That being said:

21- 24 mm with a bit of correction can be nice indoors, so on crop that's 14 or 16?

The XF 14 2.8 is a very underrated lens and has that 'look' of the older Fuji 35 folks love so much. 

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Thank you for answer. I prefer AF for this use case. 16mm or 18mm is probably best as you write with crop with X-T5 - but the f1.4 alternatives are a little expensive. In the end it might be worth it. 

Viltrox 23 is really cheap used, I just wish it was a little wider to really pair with XF 33mm. But maybe 23mm and 33mm are OK to have side by side.

I could also just sell XF 33 with some profit and get XF 23/1.4WR 😃



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