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    • No matter how I try and reconfigure, I can’t make front command dial to manage aperture, nor ISO sensibility. Only speed and Exposure (by setting C in the exposure dial). And pressing the front command dial does not switch from one model to another.  is this another bug on firmware 1.02? A set up issue?(I doubt it since I carefully reviewed the manual but of course I could be wrong)
    • Hi. Mine was also manufactured in China... do they also manufactur from Japan? Should I get concerned??
    • These RAFs looks underexposed for 1,5 - 2 stops. Have you tried any other mode - aperture or shutter priority or full manual?
    • Notice that on Sony G-series SD cards it is two slight different specs: non T (non Tough) and T (Tough). Few difference between them I have found out is: 1) Durability: SF-G (non T): Shockproof, Temperature Extremes, Waterproof, X-Ray Proof SF-GT (T=Tought): Shockproof, Temperature Extremes, Waterproof, X-Ray Proof Dustproof, Magnet-Proof, Static Proof, UV Light Resistant That is one reason why the Tough SD card is little more expensive, I use SF-64GT but it is also availabl
    • I have now contacted the reseller Scandinavian Photo and I selected to use my consumer right to just return the camera and lens, and then get a another brand new X-T4 and lens (as a package, as I originally bought it first time) from them. That way I avoid any discussion on a warranty situation. The person at Scandinavian Photo was very friendly and said that will be fine do so so. I want to give Fujifilm a second chance, but if same problem with the new X-T4 camera I will get next week I will
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