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X70: For how many shutter releases was it designed?

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Hello there,


as I use my X70 mainly for street phtography I often shoot in continuous low mode. After a short day of shooting I've easily done 3000+ exposures.


For how many releases was the X70's shutter designed?


Thanks for your information & best regards,


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I suppose that, given what you are telling us, you will find out before anyone else does.



You are going to be the first one to know when the camera ceases working because you’ve reached the max shutter count (if anything like that should exist).


Make sure you report back here when you do.


Good Luck!

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Of course why would anyone shoot 3000 pics per session is a good question to be asked.


As I sad I shoot in continuous low mode. If I shoot 10 frames per scene when walking past someone (sometimes more, sometimes less) this comes down to just about 200-300 photos - which is not that much for a day of shooting with a Fujifilm I suppose. 


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and how long does it take to go through all the pics and make a choice among many hundreds of almost exactly the same pics?


Quite a long time, thanks for caring! At 3 fps and moving subjects the pictures are very much not exactly the same. Further, as already stated, I shoot about 10 frames per scene - and there are many different scenes. 


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Shoot less.  Spend more time looking for the story.  It's one thing to work a scene, it's a completely different thing to "spray and pray" you got a good image.


If you come home with one image worthy of sharing, you've had a good day on the streets...If you shoot less, and work a valuable scene, you'll come back with more keepers in the long run.

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On 8/30/2016 at 10:25 PM, Vidalgo said:

70,000 releases average, unofficial info for X-E2.
Should be similar number for X70.

I believe this comparison is incorrect.

The X70, and it’s X100 sisters, have leaf shutter whereas the interchangeable lens X-cameras have focal plane shutters. 

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