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Fujifilm XF23mmF1.4 R LM WR malfunction


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Hi everyone,
the intent of this post is to gather information on possible other cases of malfunction on the lens in the title.
The lens has been sent back for 'tech check' already, so I'm not complaining against anyone.
I've purchased my sample from my usual reseller in Milan, whom I trust and deal with since 2003. I say this in order to erase any possible consideration regarding the provenience of my lens, or the handling, or storage or whatever.

To make a long story short:
bought a couple of lenses and a new camera body (XH2) to give rest to my X-Pro1 which I've been using for 10 years as my note book with much satisfaction. Fujinon lenses I know well and have used with great satisfaction are the 35 ƒ1.4, the 35 ƒ2.0, 23 ƒ1.4 (why did I sell thais one a few years ago? God knows...), the 56 ƒ1.2, so I know what to expect from Fuji.
I've used the GFX system with wide lenses to shoot interiors and so on and so forth.

Let's go back to the 23 in question. Lens won't focus properly, definition is poor at any given aperture setting, in both manual focus or autofocus, mechanical shutter or electronic, IS ON or OFF, tripod or hand held.
It made an unusual sound when I was handling it or mounting it on camera. A soft clonk that got worse rapidly, as if there was something lose inside.
Looking through the lens - unmounted - I could se the inner lens group going back and forth, not the front lens not the rear lens. 
I attach a short clip with the sound it makes. Volume ON

Has anyone experinced the same - Or - is it considered 'normal'? 😁

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I visited my supplier last tuesday, he sent the lens for inspection in Portugal (where Fujifilm has moved tech assistance after BREXIT). They will keep it for a few weeks.
While I was in the shop we inspected another copy of the lens and, regarding the sound it made and the visible moovemnet of the lens group, it was exactly like mine. So some noice and worrisome moving parts are to be considered normal.
He also told me that just a day before a cutomer had bough a Canon R5 and immediately after he returned to the shop arguing on the noise of loose parts within camera and lens: it appears to be normal. IBIS and lens image stabilization feels aukward, indeed, but apparently are normal in nowaday.

Once the lens returns in my possession I'll write the diagnose

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I wonder what elements absorb the sliding to and fro when lens is not mounted.
And, when camera is turned off.
Besides, it couldn't focus properly, manually, meaning the results where poor.

But in any case, I'll see when they ship it back from Portugal.


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