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Af/MF switch broken, ideas?

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    • Hello out there, had anyone have the issue where the shutter speed switches back and forth. It charges rapidly up or down, it does not matter which speed I set it on. Unless the settings are on Auto, B or T, it does not cause this issue. I've updated the firmware, reseting, removed the lens. This is the video of the issue. https://youtu.be/_lYjXbEPCj4
    • Is it the short or long press that is bothering you? I don't think you can do anything about the long press but if you set the second and third actions to "none" then a short press should do nothing. (Admittedly I haven't tested this on the X-T5 but according to the manual it works the same as my X100VI)
    • One thing that is bugging me about my X-T5 is that I keep accidentally pressing the front command dial in. This brings up an options screen that totally blanks out the viewfinder. It has happened when I’m trying  to capture ‘people moments’ - that passing smile or expression and it. Is REALLY annoying! I can see how to disable the command dial wheel actions but not the press in button action. Is there a way? If not please Fuji, give us the option to disable the button action! Should be a simple software fix? Anyone else have this issue?
    • Leofoto makes one specifically for that camera and the gfx 50sii which I am using right now. It fits perfectly and it works. Cheaper than the 3 legged thing also.
    • Hello. When I bracket my exposure in a high contrast scene, I found a puzzling behavior and I am hoping you can help me understand why it is happening. Typically, when I bracket a scene I start by taking a picture that protects the highlights from clipping and I do that by watching the Histogram and the highlight clipping indicator. Then I bracket a series of shots adding more exposure. Usually at most the biggest range was 8 times the exposure needed for the highlights. That is what I used to do with my XT3 before I started using the GF50siiI. Since I started using the GF that calculation no longer works. For instance, in the 2 pictures I added below as an example I held the ISO at 100 and the Aperture say at F8, and changed the speed to take 1 picture to optimize the brightest highlight, and 1 picture to optimize the shadows. As you can see the difference in exposure between those 2 shots is huge. One shot was take at 1.3" and the other shot at 60".  Is that normal for the GF camera? If it is normal, then I figured that what I need to do to bracket shots is to take a shot to optimize the highlights, another shot to optimize the darkest shadows, and then take maybe a couple of more shots in between. What do you think?

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