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Fujifilm XF 23mm f2 lens - REVIEWS HERE

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Hi X-shooters,


I had the chance to shoot the new Fujifilm XF23mm f2 lens, which was announced today. Those interested can check out my review here: http://bjornmoerman.blogspot.ae/2016/08/first-look-fujifilm-xf23mm-f2-r-wr.html


Happy to answer questions here or on my blog!


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Why not? You don't know how to use the lens?


Yes of course  ;) but I don't know how to set up tests or think of all the different circumstances to test it in. So I'd probably buy the lens, be super happy and enthusiastic, write a 5 star review. But then I don't know if I encounter some problems in the future. Already saw pretty much green chromatic aberration and halo when shot wide open. Don't know if that's bad usage (the halo) or a problem in some occasions. I like to decide on a mix of reviews, my own impressions and other user impressions.

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Thanks Bjorn & dkojevnikov.


Just to let know that Photo Ciné House (PCH) in Brussels (Belgium), just emailed me that they just received today some copies of the XF23/2, all already sold ! Other copies should come in the following days.


As I was first on their reservation list (for a change !), I have to pick up mine asap (and get rid of my XF23/1.4 to finance it).

I let you know if they have more info on availability...


If i've got time (project to finish at work and next WE full :-() I'll try to make some comments.




PCH Blog news: http://blog.pch.be/?p=5246

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