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Here's a suggestion for Fujifilm to consider as a firmware update to X series cameras.

For street shooting, I'd like to be able to quickly set my lens to hyper focal distance or at least to cover a range which would obviate the need for focussing. I would imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to add a menu item (which could be applied to a function button), which sets each lens to it's hyper focal distance.

Alternatively (and this might be better still) they could have all cameras set up so that when you turn on the camera with manual focus selected, it sets it to hyper focal distance or the last manual setting used. At the moment if you turn the camera off it doesn't remember focus settings when turned on again. This is annoying and one of the few things which bug me about these superb cameras. How about it Fuji?

For reference I use an X-T1 and an X-E1.

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Yup. Focus memory is both handy and good. It would be very helpful for macro or extreme tele. Nikon builds it into the lenses - only a few, however. But Nikon lenses don't move themselves when set to manual focus! Fuji nearly always* returns the lens to the "safe" position when the camera is turned off or goes to sleep, or just when you review an image. Drives macro/studio people nuts. Lost photos, even! Focus memory would probably fix.


*I think the 14 and the 23 keep the focus distance when manual focus mode is engaged ON THE LENS. Hopefully the next macro lens will have a mechanical manual focus mode too.

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