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    • By mostlyphotos
      My friends at Lensbaby have sent me a Lensbaby Trio 28 to try out on the X-T2. I decided to try out the 'Sweet' mode first.  I set the X-T2 to ACROS Film Simulation and took some test shots on my daily commute in to London 

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    • By PierreG25
      I have just ordered a Samyang fisheye 8 mm lens.
      However I am not sure,when I receive it, to know how to use it.
      Shoud I use the " no lens" option ?
      Selecting the aperture on the lens, should I position shutter speed on "A"
      I think the focusing mode has to be positionned on "M".
      fI someone is using a Samyang  lense on a XE2S, could he or she help me ?
      Thanks for help.
    • By Adam Woodhouse
      I have a Canon and a Nikon lens adapter and thought of getting a used Fisheye from one of those systems.  Can use it the odd time during the wedding dances I shoot regularly.
      I see there is a low cost option that is a Fuji mount already.  The Opteka 6.5mm.  Anyone have experience with that lens?  Price for new on Amazon is great.  Would be shooting it at F4 usually, so a slightly slower lens than the others that are F2.8 is a non-issue (and a bit of a cost savings).
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