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My icelandic trip with my fuji x-pro2


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Hello Everybody,


I don't come so often on the forum, but I'm always following the fujifilm news.


I Wanted to share some of my shots taken in iceland with my fujifilm x-pro2 and mostly the fujinon 10-24 :)


1) Aldeyjarfoss waterfall



2) Vik Church



3) Hvitserskur troll


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Hello Naddan,


Actually I haven't print any of these, but it's planned to be done ! :)


As they are composed as it, without being cropped, I hope to obtain the best result as possible.


But on my screen, they look more detailled as my "old" 5d Mk III 



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These are beautiful images.  Well done!  Can you explain the filtration you used for the long exposure images?

Also, how much time did you spend in each location?

Thanks and keep up the great shooting!




I mostly used, LEE filter ND Grad 0.6 and 0.9, LEE polarizer 105, and often the LEE Little stopper.


For some location, I came twice, one to discover and think about what I want to do, and a second time to do the final shoot.


But I can say I spend 2 to 3 hours on each location per picture.


Have a nice day.

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When were these images taken and did you go on a photo tour or do it by yourself. How long did you go for?

Beautiful images BTW///


Thank you !


The trip was from 26 may to 11 June, I didn't choose a photo tour because I wanted to be much independant as possible, and already had a long planification by my self ;)


Have a nice day.

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