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X Pro 2 vs XT-2 (if video is not important)


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Just gathering opinions on this subject.  Looking to add a second body in  2016 to compliment my ciurent X Pro-2.  For those that have a 2 body setup how important is it to have the same camera?  Also, do you believe that the X Pro-2 will receive the same auto focus capabilities in the upcoming Kaizen firmware?  I'm not sure why it wouldn't considering the "guts" of the camera are the same, correct?


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For those that have a 2 body setup how important is it to have the same camera? 

Biggest pros of same bodies: same handling, same user interface, almost all the same.


Biggest pros of different bodies: possibility of weight/size optimization together with different lenses, cost savings on body with lesser features which are rare used probably, total pool of features is wider  
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I'd go for the X-T2. It's superior to the X-Pro2 (except the HVF) and it's even cheaper!


Unless you really really want the HVF and Rangefinder style, the X-T2 is the way to go: more features, better AF-C, faster EVF refresh rate and shorter black out time with booster grip, dual USH-II card slot, better heat managment with new batteries (and 3 batteries with grip), 3 axes tilting screen, Panorama Mode (X-Pro2 has not) and so forth.


And did I mention you get all this for a smaller price? ;)


Moreover, according to Fujifilm, the X-Pro2 will get the new X-T2 AF alghorythm, but it won't include the AF-C Custom Settings, which seem to work really well according to the first reviews. So if you plan to shoot in AF-C, the X-T2 is the best choice.

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Not cheaper in the UK (although only £50 more)


Regarding 2 different bodies, it depends on the job/circumstance.


If I wanted the photos to look exactly the same with minimal effort, having 2 camera of the same sensor generation would be best. (XPro2/XT2 or XT1/10/E2 etc)


I recently did an event and used an X-Pro1 and X-T10, different sensors, different lens, different settings and had no issues

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