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    • Levster, yes, for me, it was one of the first things I tried.
    • After you have some practice at these, you might find it worthwhile to invest a couple of afternoons in a library learning about various  photography techniques— wait until after you have that practice in so that what the authors are saying will make more sense. For instance, dragging the shutter — a wonderful technique, will seem like it is the opposite of what I have had you do in this thread. But it is not, not really.
    • Capture One Express for Fuji is free and quite capable. I use the paid version personally, but the free version covers most needs if you don't batch process and don't mind not being able to make your own styles.
    • Only 2 lenses? 10-24 and 55-200 would be my choices. But I'm a landscape/nature shooter who hikes, as much as I love primes if limited to two lenses I'd have to go with those. For a second lens to pair with the 23/1.4, I'd pair the 56mm f1.2 for sure.
    • Brand new cameras tend to end up with a flurry of firmware updates for bug fixes, once it gets some time out there things will settle down although Fuji tends to release more firmware updates than other makers, adding capabilities and updating to improve older bodies performance with newer lens releases. The X-T4 is very new and still in the bug fix mode.  The X-H1 was actually much worse for that when new, but has been around long enough to mature.
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