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UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup (X-T1 +50-140)


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Hi !


Here's a few pics of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup from last week-end at the Mont Sainte-Anne ski resort in Québec, Canada.

It was the 26th edition of the Velirium, a great event that brings all of the best riders from around the world to compete on very technical and steep 2.9km course. The winner did it in under 4 minutes, so at a average speed of 43.5 km/hr but in some section of the course they reach top of 80 km/hr....they are fast !

My X-T1 and XF 50-140 combo did quite good, even with the riders coming out of shaded area into the bright sun, lost frames from AF errors was under 10 %, just about the same as the number of frame lost because of framing errors when trying to follow the riders with the EVF.

I know I'm going to love my X-T2  :D

Shot with a X-T1 and the XF50-140 f/2.8, AF-C, Drive on CH (8fps), Zone Focus (3x3 grid), Raw, PP in LR 6.6.1 and the Nik Collection.

The Flickr Album (77 pics): https://flic.kr/s/aHskFQHoSG

Thanks for looking !

28728937962_af729e1faf_b.jpgVelirium 2016, DH #22

28881863476_ef6457eea9_b.jpgVelirium 2016, DH #57

28295745204_23405df5be_b.jpgVelirium 2016, DH #65


28295626854_0886b12c2b_b.jpgVelirium 2016, DH #59

28757385501_d7cedc587c_b.jpgVelirium 2016, DH #14

28728762222_f0b76b4ede_b.jpgVelirium 2016, DH #10


And here's two from de BMX freestyle demo team having fun at the bottom of the slopes....

28272387254_be5cb9b3f8_b.jpgVelirium 2016, BMX Demo #7

28244324103_562cd4e497_b.jpgVelirium 2016, BMX Demo #10

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Nice pictures - especially the MTB ones. The BMX ones could be great - I especially like the 2 side by side against the blue sky - but they miss the context that tells the story: where they took off from, where they're going to land; whether they're 2ft off of the ground or 20ft...



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