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X-T2 and the dogs


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Great article Michael! I ditched my D3 for the lighter Xt1 so you can imagine the focusing speed difference when it comes to moving subjects, you do have to work harder with the Fuji. I will definitely be trying out the Xt2 when available but not buying until I'm absolutely sure the difference is worth it. Your article gives a great insight to the improvements made but I would like to see bird in flight shots before I commit to buying, not that I'm an avid bird shooter but I feel if they have cracked this with a better hit rate then you can tackle just about anything! Thanks for sharing and doing such a good write up!

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Thanks for the comments!


@eagle: in low light...we needed 1/1000 to 1/1500 to get the dogs sharp and without motion blur. So in real low light it will be hard ...

Concerning AF...it would be interesting but we already know that every AF get's worse when there is not enough light. On top on a black dog...


But i have no doubt that the XT2 would manage it quite good ;-)

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    • Decide on your budget, add some more (for all of the things you will think you will need after you get a camera -- in-spite of whether you actually need them or not 😀). Once you do that, take a look here: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/products/cameras/ One of these will catch your eye. Ditto for the lenses. Check your local camera shop to see if they have some in stock. The various online sellers often have sales on the gear. Once you get a little closer, check back to make sure things are not too far off the mark, so to speak.
    • Are you using the XC 15-45mm kits lens? That may be what is giving you some troubles, that one is not Fujifilm’s fastest focusing lens. It does have some low light issues while the body does fine when you put a faster focusing lens on it. Which lens to use depends on your budget and which focal range (how you intend to use it) you want. The XF 16-50mm is a constant f2.8, the 35mm f1.4 or 23mm f1.4 are well regarded for low light settings. The XF 18-55mm does fine work, but is not as fast as the others I mentioned. Stopping down means setting a higher number f stop on the lens (or use the body to control the lens — you turn this on using the menu settings).
    • Thanks andrei89! Can you tell me how to set the camera for stopping down and depth of field?  
    • Want to invest in a 'real' camera rather than using my google phone for street photography and sometimes landscape. Looking at Canon but really being drawn to Fujifilm after many hours of 'YouTubing'. Mostly edit my images to monochrome.  Would like to have a choice lenses and manual settings. Any recommendations most welcomed
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