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XF 14mm f2.8 Focusing Ring/Clutch


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I have a X-T10 and recently bought the XF 14mm f2.8 R lens.  Beautiful lens.  As I have watched, read in blogs, and in the lens manual, this lens is supposed to turn the camera from Auto Focus mode to Manual Focus mode when pulling back the focusing ring/clutch.


If I have the camera in “M” (Manual) mode, the lens will NOT work in Autofocus mode, but if I have the camera in either “S” or “C” (autofocus) mode, then the lens will work in Autofocus mode and furthermore, if in the same “S” or “C” (autofocus) mode and I pull the focusing clutch back, the camera will be automatically turned into Manual mode.


That feature is not working, and this is the second copy of the lens since I had to return the first one because of the same problem.  Is there any setting in the camera that I am missing?  Please advise.  Thank you all in advance.



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- if you pull focus ring on the lens toward the camera, you set the camera in pure Manual mode. That means it doesn't matter in what position set the switch at the front of your camera (S, C or M), you can adjust focus only manualy.


- if you push focus ring on the lens from the camera (AF mode) and set the switch at the front of your camera in M-position you are in the Manual mode with AF-L functionality. That means you can use AF by pressing AF-L button instead of shutter release. When camera aquires the focus you are able fine tune it manualy.

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