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Quiet sound from the body.

Piotr C

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Is the sound coming from the camera or the lens? Does the lens have OIS?

The most likely thing is that you have pre AF turned on and its trying to focus all the time.

You can tell by turning off both IS (in the shooting menu or switch on lens) and Pre AF (in the AF menu) and see if the noise goes away.

Then turn back on IS and Pre AF one at a time and see when the noise starts.

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I removed the lens and the sound is heard from the body. 
PreAF is disabled. Stabilization is turned off. Only electronic shutter is ON. The sound can still be heard. 
It is quiet, I have to put my ear to the body to hear it.
It is somewhat similar to the sound of a freely rotating bicycle wheel. Like a noise from its bearings.
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My guess is that although stabilisation is turned off, the sensor assembly has to be kept in place by the system and also the gyros are probably working full time, as otherwise they would take too long to spin up when stabilisation is re-enabled.

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