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Using XT-2 in very low light conditions

Rod C

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Hello there

I wonder has anyone got an answer to this.  

I was in a photography group, using my XT-2 and we were trying to create 'Ghost type images' with cameras on tripods and set to Aperture Priority.  Working with Manual focus and in very low light, we all  attempted to achieve a shutter speed around 10 seconds by changing the aperture.  

I noted that all of  those with Nikon and Canon DSLR's were able to change their  apertures up and down their range to achieve the speed they wanted, yet I was unable to get the aperture to change at all and the values on the rear screen simply blanked out and all I saw was a black screen.  In normal lighting, the apertures change fine.

I'd welcome any suggestions.

Many thanks

Best wishes

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Hello Olaf

Thanks for the reply

ISO was set at 400.  

The workshop results were disappointing, what's more important is I occasionally do light / pre-dawn shots on the North East coast. In the past, I've  used my Nikon old SLR (D3s) and a Panasonic GX8 in virtual darkness and the apertures worked / changed no problem.

Many thanks for your time

Best wishes

PS I have a friend with an XT-3 and he gets the same aperture problems

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Hello again

The lens was the Fuji EBC XF 18-5mm  1:2.8-4 R LM.  I've tried changing apertures via ring on lens and by using thumbwheel on body, same problem in low light with both.  My 30+ years as a photographer has been with film SLR's and later years with Nikon & Canon DSLR's.  However, I don't recall this issue in low light with my previous CSC, a Panasonic GX8.  Really quite puzzled.

Thanks again


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On that lens, there are a couple of switches, one turns OIS on or off. The other switch has two markings, one is A and the other marking looks sort of like a shutter. Sometimes, this switch sticks, so make sure it is definitely moved to the shutter icon side (Move it back and forth a few times to make sure it moves freely.). Once it is in place, you should be able to change the aperture by turning the ring and have the changes listed in the evf or lcd.

If the switch is on the A side, the camera controls the aperture and you will not be able to change the setting.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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