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Fujifilm XT5 not recording all images on SD card

Pete Edwards

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I recently purchased a Fujifilm XT5 after owning a XT2 for many years.  I purchased new SanDisk extreme pro 256gb cards (200 mbs) and formatted them in the camera.  I was shooting in RAW only.  I took about 2000 frames and some MP4 video and they recorded on the SD card without any problem.  Without changing any settings, the camera took frames, however, these did not record any image on the SD card.  The images continue with a sequential file no and have data recorded on the SD card but when I tried to download them on my Windows computer, the frames download but there is no image visible.  Then later on the same SD card, the camera records images, which can be viewed and downloaded.

The frame is recorded on the SD card, but it cannot be viewed on the camera or on the computer.  The affected frames show as 'black' screens/images.

Any advice please?



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Where did you purchase the cards?  Lot of counterfeits out there. Hopefully is a card issue.

Do you get an error when trying to view in camera or on PC, or they are just black images?
I’ve seen few posts for other Fujifilm cameras with similar issue but none of the ones I saw had a resolution.  I haven’t had this happen with my X-T5 fortunately. I usually shoot RAW + JPEG with Sandisk cards but don’t have any 256 cards. Sucks to lose images. 

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    • I don't have a definitive answer, but it seems to be that ON1 can get confused(!). Using this "trick" it is ignoring previous read attempts and seemed to have solved my problems. I had about a dozen photos that were problematic. Hopefully ON1 will fix this "feature" in the future. Glad it worked for you.
    • That seemed to do the trick.  Any idea why that was the fix? I think some of the issues on most of these may be tied to the matching Jpeg being an Acros film simulation.  That still seems to be confusing ON1 as the colors occasionally is messed up unless I set the Jpeg and Raw to be treated separately.  Perhaps its a coincidence . 
    • Hmmm. Thanks for getting back. Next thing to try.  Quit ON1 Create a temp folder Use Finder (on Mac) or Explorer (Windows) to copy the image files that have the problem, to the temp folder Start ON1 and browse the copied files IF they wok, then from inside ON1, drag them to their original location and when prompted, select Replace Report back!
    • Hello evryone. Just this i ask my self last 48 hours. For example: my question are? Tracking are think tò use for muve subject. Ok But when i shot my be at 360 shutter Speed i see face subject focus and other in muvment. I m sure if i shot in AFS or AFC the picture Will be more Better. Zona or point Notting change to much. So when i Need use tracking?  I have think the Only situation can use Is when you not can muve the camera. Or when you want take a picture of a background and subject muve.  Becouse if i shot in AFS or AFC the photo look Better ...  What you think about? Thank you
    • Ok great. I’ll try the built in flash to ensure I’m on the right path then look to invest in an external flash.  I’ve heard about Godox so I’ll do some further research.  
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