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    • I just got a new X-S10 and after about 4 days of use it started making an audible whirring sound when on. It's loud enough to hear at an arms length and makes too much sound for use with a hotshoe mounted mic. I've tried turning off the IBIS and autofocus and nothing seems to stop it. I am using the 16-80 predominantly but it also makes the sound with an old manual lens. The sound stops when in playback mode. I tried updating the firmware to the most recent which has not solved the issue. Does anyone have any ideas or should I just exchange it?   Thanks,
    • I just received my new XT-4. First time I have a Fuji and first time I have an hybrid. The camera invited me to upgrade the firmware to 1.20. I have download it on a card and followed the procedure. I obtained the screen "update completed. Turn off the camera". I turn off the camera but when I turn on again I can just obtained the same screen "Firmware upgrade" and not the menu.  What should I do to access the menu again ? Thank you for your support !
    • Does this mean the X-T40 is a dead issue permanently or is their still hope for one? Some say the X-S10 is actually it, Ken Wheeler for one, but the dials and style are not for me. Have an X-T30 and was hoping for an X-T40 with IBIS and other improvements.  
    • Just wondering if there is a grip that works with it. Thanks
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