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I have a fujifilm XT4 and just bought a zeiss lens


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I am new to the fujifilm family and bought a fujifilm XT4 6 months ago. I love the camera and use it with a fujinon XF 18-55mm lens.

I recently bought a Zeiss Classic Planar 50mm F1.4 ZE from a friend assuming it can work. Obviously, I come home to try it excitingly with my lens and find the mount isn't the same. So, I wanted to know does this manual lens work on my fujifilm and if it does, does the X-mount work with it? (I know I'd have to change a lot of the settings on the camera to manual settings). Just need help with buying the correct mount and whether the lens works at all on the XT4.

I am based in London, England. So if anyone has any online web recommendations to good mounts for the fujifilm please share. Would love it to work with the above zeiss lens. If not, please recommend any zeiss lenses. I love the zeiss look and feel so want to buy one that works with my camera.

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Welcome to the forum.

I believe that lens was / is built to mount on Canon EF mount bodies as a manual focus lens. You may be able to get it to mount (and work) on your X-T4 with a Canon EF to Fujifilm X Mount adapter. Fotodiox and Fringer, as well as other companies sell these, try to find one that passes the electrical contact information from the lens to the body — so that you can control the aperture and get the EXIF shot information.

If you do not wish to try that, Zeiss sells lenses built specifically for Fujifilm X mount bodies, the line is called Zeiss Touit, there are several in that line. They are a little pricey.

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Thank you Jerry 🫡

I live in the uk so will need to find a fotodiox/fringer equivalent here.

Thank you again for the detailed breakdown. I didn't know that the Planar lens I bought was built to mount on the Canon EF. I will look around here for the Canon EF to Fujifilm X mount adapter.

Worse case scenario, I will sell this lens + another lens (perhaps my Samyang 16mm 2.2) to cover the cost of a Zeiss Touit for my Fujifilm.

On a sidenote as I learn about this forum, is there a section on this forum to list for selling?

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You should be able find local sites that carry Fotodiox gear as well as Fringer gear. Or use your search engine to find Canon EF to Fujifilm XF adapter.

Look up at the top for the link called Classified. It is a buy - sell section. I have not used it, but I have read other members saying it is easy to use.

Best wishes.

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