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Ultra tele lens for Fuji


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I currently have the 100-400, and it is quite ok, except that it is a bit soft at the 400mm end.

I have been thinking about upgrading to the 150-600, unfortunately, I'd have to get rid of my 100-400 first. The 150-600 is said to be good, however the f/7.1 is a bit worrying.

Other options could be the tamron 150-500 or sigma/tamron 150-600 versions (I have the fringer adapter, so I could get one in EF mount).

There is really no way to rent these lenses over her for testing. In terms of reach the 400mm is enough


The primary intended use is going to be birds and planes, currently on an X-T4. Since the 100-400 is on the X-T5 compatibility list (while 16/1.4 isnt), my concern is that it is as sharp as it gets at those mms, and any benefit the 150-600 has in sharpness would be wiped out because of slower shutter speeds with moving objects.

I used to have an ancient Sigma 400/5.6 lens and while it was hard to get the AF to focus when and where I wanted it to, the images were nicer looking.

Has anybody tried several of these options and what are the real-world findings/impressions?


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Supposedly Sigma plans to make their 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary lens availablle in X-mount soon.  According to various reviews (eg, Dustin Abbott), the Sony E-mount version of that lens is optimized for the long end and out-performs the Canon RF lens at 400mm.

I have used the XF100-400, the Sigma 150-600C (EF+Fringer) and XF150-600 on the X-T4 and boht of the 150-600 lenses far outperform the XF100-400 at 400mm.  The Sigmas was excellent, but too heavy for me to hand-hold and sometimes struggled with autofocus. The XF150-600 is superb all around and doesn't lose much to faster lenses because it is as sharp wide open as stopped down across its entire range.

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I have the Fuji 100-400 also, but I also have the Fuji 2X tele-extender. I actually mostly use the zoom with the 2X on it. I highly recommend it. There's also the 1.4X, but if you can have the 2, well....

If I had known the 150-600 was coming, I probably would have done that, and wish I had it instead of the 100-400. Nothing wrong with the 100-400, but I'm using it to get the reach, and don't often use its low end anyway.

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    • ...and, although, I don't use Lightroom, I bet there is a setting/mode in LR that will look at the RAW processing metadata in the RAW file and will show you LR's interpretation of the STRONG GRAIN setting, and other in-camera settings. Certainly CaptureOne the equivalent RAW processing engine, which I use, optionally does do this. You have to remember that the RAW file is not an image, its the data required for a RAW processing engine, like LR, CO, or even Windows Image Viewer, to create one, and they will all do it slightly differently. Software that doesn't have the capability of processing and rendering the RAW file at all may dig out the embedded JPEG thumbnail from the RAW file, and display that instead. BTW - I use CO, rather than LR, because it is widely believed to make a better job of rendering Fujifilm's weird X-Trans RAW files better than LR, and most other engine's.
    • I think I know what you mean now. I noticed the STRONG grain setting in the raw file when I was using X Raw Studio. On other software like Windows Image viewer or Lightroom the grain effect is not showing at all. Mystery solved!
    • Its difficult to imagine this could be anything other than a faulty camera. You seem to have done all the tests to eliminate other causes.
    • Hi Last week during a reportage, I shot bursts from about 5 fts with one of my two X-T5s, for a total of about 100 photographs. I had mounted a Fujinon XF8mm. Everything seemed to proceed regularly without any sign of problems. When looking at the sequences in the car I realized that many photos were completely black, that is, as if I had taken with the cap in front, alternating with some perfect ones and others completely white without any detail. Back in the studio I loaded them onto the Mac and noticed that of a sequence of around 100 photographs, 49 were completely flawed, that is, almost all of them were completely BLACK and some were completely WHITE. The problem was present both on the photo of the Slot 1 card (RAF) and on the Slot 2 card (JPG) in unison, so much so that I discarded the hypothesis that it could be a problem with the memory card. So, to recap: the errors on the 49 offending photos are exactly the same, for both cards in RAF and JPG. After turning the machine off and on again, it started working perfectly again, so much so that in the following days I carried out other jobs, even with gusts, without any problem. Obviously I am waiting for a response from the support to which I sent the offending sequences. I would add that if I analyze the EXIFs of the BLACK or WHITE photos, the values and data that appear are completely normal, that is, they report exactly the same information as the photos that came out well, as if nothing had happened. 1) Before each job, I always format the cards in the machine, with the specific function that can be called up from the menu and quick keys of the XT5 2) The XT5 has Firmware version 2.03 3) The Fujinon XF-8mm lens Firmware 1.00 The problem has manifested itself, for now, only once, intermittently, that is, some faulty photos alternated with perfect ones. In the following days, on the advice of the assistance center, I put on the intervalometer and shot the camera until the card was full for a total of 1600 shots. No problems, everything is fine. What do you think about it? Has anyone had this problem?

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