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Time for the continuation of my look at focusing features on the X-Pro2.


This week I'm sharing my tips for focus peaking, and we'll take a look if a little trick for reducing shutter lag carriers over from the X-Pro1 or not...



X-Pro2 New Focusing Features

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Time for the next part of my X-Pro2 review:


This week I take a took at (well through) the Electronic Range Finder.


I have to say; it's totally amazing, and clever and innovative... and also I have to advise why you might not want to use it all the time...


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You're more than welcome to comment directly on my website, no need to copy paste tiny fragments of it here!



Should it be possible to comment directly below the articles on your website? I can't find the usual "Leave a Reply" there.

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This week's instalment of the X-Pro2 review:


It seems that history repeats itself and people are making very similar claims about the X-Pro2, as they did the X-Pro1...


Whether or not these opinions are valid, is a matter of opinion!


But let's take a little look and see what we think!


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I have shared this elsewhere on our forum...


but to keep continuity to my X-Pro2 review:


I'm sure I won't be the only internet writer blogging about this today(!!), but here's my 1st look at the Fujifilm XPro2 new Firmware - so what do all these new things mean & do?
I think I have some answers!

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Today I begin a series about using the RFC (powered by SilkyPix) RAW convertor that is supplied with Fuji camera.


I'm not about to big RFC up as the best tool out there (it's not!), but it gets a "bad press" and when a lot of people say that something is very bad, I (personally) always like to take a look for myself..



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After the 'far more work than I expected' series about RFC, it's back to actually talking about photography with the X-Pro2 for this week's instalment :)


The regular followers out there will notice that I'm releasing this on Saturday night, not Sunday morning...


...This means two things: 1) Yes I clearly have no life :D and 2) I'm on location all day tomorrow!


So for this week, I recall the first time I trusted the X-Pro2 out in the field... How did I find it?


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After the 4 part XF56 APD review, it's time to get back to the reality of what I actually do own and can afford :D


With many people (but not all of course) about to enter into the ritual of gift giving, I take a look at what to get your loved one.. especially if you're on a budget


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It's been 6 months since I got my X-Pro2... I didn't just rush out and get it, I thought long and hard about what it offered that I wanted and actually needed over the X-Pro1.


Now that the dust has settled, and the honeymoon finished... Am I still happy?



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What a week it's been for new cameras, and not just Fujifilm ones!


How fantastic for anyone eagerly awaiting an upgrade.


But what about the rest of us?


Well, I guess we could take a long walk with our existing gear and enjoy seeing the world and taking pictures?


That's what I did... Want to join me?


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This week; in the first of a multi part series, I take a look at camera settings, and how to prepare to get what you need out of your camera.


A few people have been saying that the X-Pro2 is "too complicated" but it's only as complicated as you want it and ultimately a question of how you approach it!


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      i have a problem with my Xpro2 with 35mm f 1.4 .... 
      I notice a loss of sharpness and i don't know if the camera can't focus because  the viewfinder says it is in focus 
      i  attach 2 photos , one with Xpro 2 and another with H1 ,  to let you understand the problem... here it was  f4  iso 2500  shutter 100
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      I like to remote my camera and still be able to review the gallery of images I take but ....
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      I am having some trouble with my ERF function on my XPRO 2. It really started after I implemented the 4.00 update so I'm wondering if that has caused it. Since then I have done the 4.01 update and the problem still persists.
      After doing a lot of google searches (and forum searches) I found that most people this happened to solved it by setting the AF to "Single Point," so I did the same and the ERF still does NOT function.
      Just to be clear the front switch DOES toggle between OVF and EVF with no problem, when I push the switch to the left (toward the lens) the ERF no longer does anything.
      I tried to reset everything via the Menu and that did no help either. 
      Are there any other settings I should know about to get the ERF to pop up in the corner, or that would keep it from functioning? Or is there a way to factory reset (resetting firmware as well) utilizing more than the options in the menu?
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      Fuji has just announced its new Firmware update for X-Pro2 (ver.4.00).
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      Does someone who own an AD200 had the opportunity to test it with today XPro2 firmware update?
      I plan to buy an AD200 in the coming days and would like to be sure it will correctly work with the new Xpro2 firmware
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